Monday, December 19, 2011

History or How it ALL began - 1

Jai Sai Master ! (Glory to the almighty lord who gives us bountiful)

Its around a year back when we our 'superior' told us about something known as 'Permaculture' (no there is no greek reference to it, its plain English - but I came to know this much later!). It was completely new to us. After all we were a bunch of engineers, research scholars, electricians etc., who do not bother about silly stuff like nature ! We also din't know much about plants (I still don't know). We were like a bunch of lazy bulls. When we worked, we had no thoughts, and when we slept - we had no worries! 

So guided with a few videos of Bill Mollison and handful of newly bought spades and other tools, we set our foot where no man had ever (for the last 2 years atleast !). The plot belonged to us, but being too small for playing cricket, with elders doing some traditional gardening in the form of flowers and a few veggies, we had but almost abandoned it. And how bad was it? It was really bad, we just could not dig it. After a few exercise sessions involving dumb bells and lots of rest, we came, we saw and we conquered - the rest as they say is history :D

We started first with raised beds and .... 

Wait, you cant have all the story in one post about ALL that WE did (sometimes I feel, only I did it, but still for courtesy sake :D), in ONE WHOLE YEAR (was it a leap year too ;) ).

So, I am not going to cut the long story short. I ll keep going along the history route whenever possible! For now that's it folks !

Jai Sai Master !


  1. Good start to showcase the success story of Nagole. More pictures? Let's have all of them and am sure this is going to motivate many to take this up..

    Jai Sai Master!

  2. Ah! ‘All things come to those who wait.’‥They come, but often come too late.